Need To Save Cash? Swap this…

I know we’ve trashed out tyre maintenance and how you should be diligent with spending some extra bucks to ensure you stay safe and secure on the road but did you know you could save some money by simply rotating your tyres during theirlife cycle?car

Here is the logic behind it, the front tyres are usually the most affected when it comes to wear(especially for front wheel drive cars), being subjected to braking and steering forces sometimes combined with the stress of being the drive wheels.

And while the front tyres undergo these aforementioned stresses the rear tyres don’t really do much, which is why the rear tyres last longer that the front when it cones to wear.

One smart trick to save cash is to swap the front and rear tyres of a car during the life cycle before the front gets too worn out to avoid wearing them out completely and having to replace them.

This puts the semi-fresh tyres out in front and the slightly spent tyres behind where they’d do less work.

I hope this trick would help car owners save some bucks.

Have a nice day folks.

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