Need that spark plug to get you rolling 2

So some days ago, I wrote about this Need that spark plug to get you rolling, here are the remaining Tips to get that Car rolling

Distributor: This part determines what spark plug gets the spark when an engine is running. It has different outlets going to different spark plugs.
Causes: A distributor can fail due to old age, a bad terminal or maybe a crack in the cap from some blunt force or fatigue. When this happens the cap might not send out sparks to all plugs or it might send out lower voltages which would causes misfiring in specific cylinders or all cylinders.
Diagnosis: After carrying out the spark plug test and checking along the way to see that it is not a faulty plug, coil or injector you can look at the distributor, especially if the plugs do not spark when grounded(really risky doing this without experience, best done by a proper mechanic).
Fix: The best fix is to buy a new distributor and replace the old one.

5) Fuel Pump/Filter: They usually come as a couple mounted along the fuel line sending clean fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. Having a faulty fuel pump or blocked filter means that less fuel gets to the cylinders providing a mixture too lean to properly support combustion.
Causes: For the pump it might go bad as a result of age, or could go bad if the dirt’s gets through the filter to it and spoils it.
For the filter it might just be clogged with dirt from bad fuel.
Diagnosis: Start with the spark plug test, check the aforementioned components, if they are all good then the problem could be from the fuel pump/filter.
Symptoms of these components being bad are misfiring in all cylinders or stalling.
Fix: Get a new fuel pump or filter, whichever the case may be.

These are a few thing to know about and prevent misfiring, but to be in the safe side get a proper mechanic to take a look while you watch and learn.

Have a nice day folks.

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