Ever had Alternator issues? Do Read.

I once had alternator issues with a car I once drove, had a really terrible day and the alternator really wasn’t helping, well that and the local mechanic I contracted the job out to was thinking of making me a money bag.
Unluckily for him I had time on this very day and decided “heck, why not do this myself”. I got out my spanner set and after a few minutes I’d gotten the alternator out and was on my way to a local parts store. He apparently didn’t know I’d been a mechanic at certain point in time.
Well, I’d like to run you through quick steps for an alternator change. It starts with getting the fan belt off, I already ran through that here Tips on Fixing/Replacing a Fan Belt. and wouldn’t want to make this a really long read for you.
Ok, now the belt has successfully come off, the next very important step is disconnect the battery terminals or sparks will fly, and not in a good way.
There are 2 main terminals attached to your alternator, they should be covered in a protective rubber case and fastened with a small bolt, size 8 or 10. Try and get those off before you proceed to unfasten the mounting bolts.
After removing the mounting bolts get the alternator out and use it as a sample to get the replacement.
Gently fit the new alternator back into its space and fit in the mounting bolts.
Attach the alternator terminals back in place, do not place the battery terminals back on yet.
Put the fan belt back following the steps of fan belt replacement Tips on Fixing/Replacing a Fan Belt. and tension it.
Now you can reconnect the battery terminals and start the vehicle.
Do the rev/tension test and you are good to go.
One helpful physical way to test your alternator to see if it working is to get a long 19 spanner and gently place it against the alternator pulley. There should be some magnetism if it is working. No magnetism means its kaput. Need more? Whatsapp/ Call-+2348155711960
Have a nice day folks.

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