Car dashboard symbols you should not ignore.

Growing up, I have always been fascinated when the car engine starts and all the light symbols on the dashboard come up.

Car dashboard symbols are not for showoff or amusement but are a safety caution for your vehicle and you as well. There are fifteen of them but we will be talking about a few today.

engine hot

This symbol is not warning you about a lost key to a treasure floating in an ocean but saying “your engine is too hot”. Do not panic, turn off the A/C and any other nonessential systems that are running, including the radio. This is to alleviate as much load from the engine as possible, get to the nearest safe place to park your vehicle, do not open your radiator immediately, allow for a few minutes to let it cool and then add water.

oil symbolIf you love animations or cartoon like me then you understand Aladdin with the Lamp but this is you not getting any wishes like him. Your engine is running low on oil. Which is why its important to check that before driving your car or you would rather do well to service at the appropriate time.


This is not saying you do not have enough abs/muscle to drive or you should flex it but warning there is an issue with your Anti Lock Brake system. You need to fix it as soon as possible. Anti Lock Braking system ensures that your tyres never fully lock up while braking to ensure you get the best stopping force and prevent skidding.

images (11)

Check your Engine: If the symbol is red, it indicates your engine has overheated, its an engine warning symbol. A blue light means the coolant temperature is too low.


This are not spooky or ghost signs but simply saying your car defrost windshield for front or rear is switched on.


Robots? Nope! This is not a robot throwing winks at you but warning you about your car battery and you need to check.

beachballFor me, this is like a day at the beach, you about to break the net and hit the ball But its not. This is indicating airbags on.

Do enjoy your day and please drop your comments below.

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