All about your Car Brake System, you need to know.

Many of us would agree that in driving a car, stopping is much more important than going. The number one safest way to stop is your brake system.

Hence, its imperative we keep them functioning at optimal capacity.
There are different kinds of brake systems out there and to name a few we have hydraulic, pneumatic, electromagnetic magnetic, hydrostatic etc.

Let me try and simplify those terms in layman’s terms.
Master cylinder is a small compressible drum of brake fluid that sends out brake fluid to the brake discs or drums when pressed.

Servo is a mechanism that amplifies your brake force from the master cylinder by some mechanical Hocus-Pocus (let’s not dive into that now). It helps reduce the effort you apply and saves you some serious leg workout.

ABS(Antilock Braking System) is a computerized feature that would save you from locking up your tyres during emergency stops or braking in slippery conditions/bad weather. This way you get a better braking force and control than when the car skids from a lock up.
Brake Drums(and Shoes) or Discs(and Pads) are the metal pieces at the end of the intricate hydraulic lines originating from the master cylinder that use friction to stop your car by stopping tyre rotation.

Quick check you can do to ensure you have proper function brakes,

Ensure your brake fluids are always topped up and please endeavour to flush and replace your brake lines every 3-4 years(to remove moisture and rust build up)
Pay attention to your dashboard, if the (ABS) sign lights up then you have a bad sensor on one or more tyres, which means the ABS system won’t stop them from locking up when you need them not to.

Always ensure that you brake pads and shoes aren’t worn out, well when they get worn out you’d know. It has a tell-tale shrieking sound that would bother the neighborhood.

If we follow these simple guidelines we would extend the life span of our vehicles and of course keep our roads safer.

Have a nice day.

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