Help! My Car has a ringtone.

So last week, I took a cab on my way home after a hectic day. What happened when he started his car jolted a childhood memory, the ol’ “ring ring” landline telephone ringtone that vibrates through the house but this time around, it came from the vehicle.
It was so bad I felt I was on a roller coaster and this brings me to today’s topic.

What causes a car to vibrate, shake or do the “ring ring” ringtone the way I would call it.

To quickly list a few common causes:

1) One or more non-functioning cylinders:

Having a cylinder on the line that’s not functional would cause imbalance during the engines cycle and directly affect the car. There’s only so much your engine seats can smoothen out but your car would still vibrate.

2) Bad engine seat:
A collapsed engine seat is a very terrible thing and causes the worst vibration and noise you can experience in a car. You would have a situation where the rubber bushings have failed and then the engine rests directly on the chassis with nothing to impede vibration. (This was my case).

3) Collapsed suspension (shock-absorber):

The shock absorbers serve as a dampener for both the roughness in the road and in some little part your engines vibrations. Failed suspensions could cause mild engine vibrations though you’d be more likely to feel all the bumps gallops and clanking from the bumps on the road.

4) Unbalanced tyres(apparent at high speeds):
Balance applies to everything in life including your tires. If tires are out of balance then the steering wheel and the entire car can shake. You get to notice at around 50-55 miles per hour (mph). It gets worse around 60 mph but starts to get better at high speeds but don’t wait til it gets better, fix it promptly.

Thank you for reading this article, next time your car starts to vibrate you would have an idea of where to start trouble shooting.

Have a wonderful day ahead.

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