Diesel in Nigeria

I remember during my time working as a field service engineer (mechanic is the un-fancy term) at Swedish Machinery and Trucks, I did a lot with heavy duty machinery.
I did maintenance, diagnostics, repairs and fittings for a lot of equipment e.g. Volvo, Mack, SDLG, Dressta.
I had also been on the assembly team for a few of them, we import them separated and piece them up together in Nigeria (shipping made easy).
There were no surprises until the day we had to assemble 2 Dressta Bulldozers, they left some diesel in the tank overseas and we needed some quick fuel to move another vehicle so we had to siphon a little.

I had never seen diesel that clean, it was transparent. I initially thought I had opened the wrong tank, until we later confirmed it was actually diesel.
The thing is we all know diesel at the murky dark blue coloured liquid we fill our generators with, but that’s not what it should be like. And unfortunately we can’t change that, not until we build a refinery that does thorough work on its diesel before it get to the market. And there are also the black market dealers who add other dangerous liquids to their diesel before they dispense just to increase quantity and make a quick buck, at the consumer’s expense.
Additives like used engine oil and water in combination with the fact that our diesel in Nigeria has an unusually high sulfur content.

The only way we have to maintain our systems against this deplorable state of our diesel is by following our maintenance procedures to the letter, no cutting corners or trying to extend dates else you could find yourself up a creek without a paddle.

Click on part 2 for pointers to save you from trouble.

Have a nice day folks.

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