Diesel in Nigeria (2)

Most machinery and generators come with water separators and fuel filters(sometimes multiple).

Let me narrate a case of a boat I worked on that had a Volvo engine.
It had a problem with the cooling systems, the water intake had been blocked by some debris, that was easily cleared but on further testing I realised that the fuel lines were also clogged. Not enough fuel pressure and the engine wasn’t revving normally. I carried out a few checks and realise that the filters and water separators had all been blocked. I had to flush out the tanks, install new filters and advice the owner of the both to find another diesel dealer. Apparently his current dealer had been mixing his diesel with used engine oil, water and some other additives. Terrible sight to behold.
To ensure smooth and inexpensive running we should follow these tips
1) Always change your fuel filters and waters separators every 250 hours. Or risk a blocked fuel line with damaged injectors (and injectors don’t come cheap)

2) Ensure no road side mechanic tampers with these items on the fuel line, they might say its not necessary and do a bypass. Never let that happen.

3) Ensure you always get the right filters and ensure they are not fake(authenticity would be hard to tell so just spend the extra buck with the appropriate dealers).

Armed with this knowledge of our diesel and these tips on the maintaining your fuel line you can extend the life of your equipments engine.

Have a nice day folks.

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