Tips on Fixing/Replacing a Fan Belt.

There are a few occasions when we wish we could fix our own fan belt rather wait for a never arriving mechanic, or just because we want to save up on some extra cash n brag about our new notch on our belt(“I fix my own car”).

With a little step by step walkthrough I’d be able to guide you through the belt swap/fix process.

Here’s a universal checklist for most internal combustion engines:

1) Take a mental or physical picture of the belt(helps a lot when it comes to serpentine belts).

2) Ease the tensioner. It might be the usual spring loaded tensioner or one of the alternator mounting bolts.

3) Slip off the old belt, very carefully. If its a spring loaded tensioner, ensure u keep firm pressure on the spanner or T-bar holding it in place. You really don’t want to let go.

4) Fit in the new belt, guide it around the pulleys just as you memorised or photographed earlier.

5) Adjust the tensioner back in place, easy-peasy with an alternator mount tensioner but a little tricky with the spring loaded tensioner.

For the alternator mounted tensioner your have to start and rev the engine, listen for squeaks and then tighten. Repeat process until there are no more squeaks.

After this you are good to go.

Loosening the alternator bolts can be easily done with spanners between the sizes 10-16. And you must ensure you fasten them all back in place after.

In the case where your fan belt snapped while in use you can skip steps 1, 2 & 3. Just proceed to 4 & 5. Though it is always handy to have your fan belt’s size and installed picture on hand, because you won’t be able to do number if it snaps.

I hope you find this helpful. Have a nice day people.

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