Daily and Random checks you should consider for your car.

Hello everyone, I’m back again with some useful tips to save you unnecessary headache and prolong your car’s lifespan.
Most of us have heard the joke of an employer looking for a driver, and how he got 2 aspirants.

One was an amazing driver but really didn’t care about the car, and the other couldn’t drive but started by doing the necessary checks before you start a car.
And from the story we know that the cautious fellow got the job. The reason the employer chose the cautious guy was because he had a habit that would cost him less and ensure the general safety of the car and passengers.
There are 2 kinds of checks that could be done on your automobile to help save you from headaches.

The daily checks and the random checks.
Daily checks are to be done daily and can be done in a jiffy without stress and you’d be on your merry way.
Things to consider during your daily checks are:
1) Your Tyre: Visually check for obvious pressure drops and also look to ensure no troublesome kids left any sharp objects around your tyres.
2) Coolant Level: Check the level of coolant in the engine to ensure its above the cold minimum (when the engine isn’t running, liquids tend to expand when heated)
3) Engine Oil Level: Check the oil level by taking out the dip stick, wiping with a small cloth or tissue, insert and then pull out again after a few seconds. Do this operation when the engine is cold so you can get the cold temperature.
4) Leaks: Look for oil or water leaks underneath the car.

Ensure you do these checks before you start your car, when the engine is cold so you can get the appropriate levels and also not suffer any heat related injuries.

Random checks to be considered are:
1) Battery: Check to ensure proper contact.
2) Tyres (Again): Check for piercings.
3) Fan Belt: Check for cuts and flays.
4) Engine Oil (Again): Check the colour and level.
5) Emergency Kit: Ensure it’s all complete.

Ensure you run these checks to reduce your chances of getting in trouble.

Have a nice day ladies and gentlemen.

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