Car to Car Communication, another safety breakthrough…

I was in a Passenger seat recently, he was obviously speeding and if you are like me, i do not tell drivers to slow down, i have this belief system that is when they become hyped. So I turn into a psalmist with my seat belt in place or worse, i stop the trip. If you are a careful driver, driving on your lane, there are some drivers who loves jumping at you from corners or invading your lane. So what happens at top speed?

Well the good news is, the technology that warns of a possible collision called vehicle to vehicle communication is underway. Imagine this, your car communicating to other vehicles within hundred meters using information of their position, speed, brake status and other data to build a picture of what is unfolding around them. For me, that beats an expert driver or Eiza whose sensory is 20/20.


Though many cars have instruments that use radar or ultrasound to detect obstacles or vehicles but the range of these sensors is limited to a few car lengths, and they cannot see past the nearest obstruction. Simply networking cars together wirelessly is likely to have a far bigger and more immediate effect on road safety.

Creating a car-to-car network is still a complex challenge especially here in Nigeria, til advancing to that technology era. The computers aboard each car process the various readings being broadcast by other vehicles 10 times every second, each time calculating the chance of an impending collision. Transmitters use a dedicated portion of wireless spectrum as well as a new wireless standard, 802.11p, to authenticate each message.

The Federal Road Safety Corps ( FRSC ) recorded 4,410 deaths by road accidents in 2017 with majority fatal. With the Ojodu-berger tanker explosion stil fresh in mind, it could have warned cars of brake failure. The prospect of preventing many such accidents will provide significant impetus for networking technology.

There will, of course, also be a few obstacles to navigate. General Motors has committed to using car-to-car communication in a 2017-model Cadillac. Those first Cadillacs will have few cars to talk to, and that will limit the value of the technology. It could still be more than a decade before vehicles that talk to each other are commonplace.


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