Things to know about your cooling system?

images (5)What do I mean by cooling system? Everything that ensure your engine stays warm enough to function properly, but not too warm that it melts itself or the entire car.

Ensuring your engine stays within the specified working temperature during use is very important to your safety and your pocket (you’d spend a lot on fixes or replacements should the worst happen).
When your engine over heats, you stand a chance of incurring these risks (ranging from smallest to biggest) embarrassment, burning out your gasket, spit roasting your engine or finally incinerating your car(hopefully without you or your valuables in it).
A lot of people do not even know they have a temperature gauge embedded in their dash, where you can easily tell the current temperature of your engine at a glance.

It usually ranges from cold to hot and has a mid-region where the needle should stay no matter what, if you see it rise higher than that mid region then you have a problem.
In such a case you need to immediately find a safe place to park, and do a quick inspection to do a quick assessment of what went wrong and request for assistance.
A few things that could cause your engine to over heat are:
1) Low coolant/water level
2) Leaky radiator
3) Your fan belt snapped(an entirely different world of trouble)
4) Bad coolant pump(really rare)
5) Low engine oil level
6) Bad cooling fan
7) Blocked Radiator (rust deposit or dirty water)
8) Dirty radiator fins

A few of these things here, you can easily solve yourself and be on your merry way, like
the coolant level (just add water/coolant),
the oil level(just add oil),
the fan belt (a little complicated, but with a walk through you’d be good),
bad cooling fans (might be a bad fuse or partial contact, trace and fix/replace).
Any other thing in that list would require more than just the emergency kit you could carry in your car.
You could avoid all this by carrying out random morning checks on your vehicle before you leave your house, as little as 5 minutes could save you a lot of trouble.

Have a wonderful day folks.

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