Help! A Car day trouble

Good day people. Ever been having a great day and then boom, your car starts acting up usually in the worst of places (in traffic with all the frustrations of stand still, then, the line starts moving only for the car not to, the car behind and the one behind jams with your frustrations), turning your amazing day around.

Such moments are usually followed with frenzy, panic and a short fit of madness.
I’d like you to know of what you could do to help you out of that terrible situation. It won’t help with all, but at least for the minor cases.
First, you need to remain calm, against all your tingly senses and irritation at that moment, staying calm would do you a lot more good than running helter skelter.
You’d be able to run better diagnostics, and make better decisions.
Second, ensure you always have your emergency kit with you, these are your:
1) Caution Triangle (C-Caution),
2) Jack
3) Wheel spanner
4) Spare tyre
5) Fire extinguisher
6) Brush/towel(never know when you’d need a quick car clean up)
7) Extra fan belt
8) 1 litre of engine oil
9) 2 litres of water/coolant
10) Towing rope(else you could be looking at loosing a seatbelt)
11) Jumper cables
12) A handy set of spanners and screwdrivers (+ & -)

Armed with your calmness, these tools and some tips you’d pick up from this site you should be able to quickly salvage most ugly unexpected cases.
Do endeavour to get them and tore them in neat spaces in your car.

Wish you a worry free day ahead.

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