The right time to service your Car?

I bet a lot of you living in busy cities around the world (e.g. Lagos), still service your car the same way you did when you lived in less traffic prone areas.

Some people count down the months and others do it by distance covered but I can assure you that by the time you factor in traffic and frequency of use you would realize you’re most certainly damaging your vehicle’s power plant.

Picture this scenario, you own 2 cars, you drive one ceremonially and you happen to lease the other one on a cab hailing platform, but you still intend to use the same maintenance schedules for both vehicles. That is the surest way to end the leased vehicle on the cab hailing platform.

The reason why maintenance schedules must be different for those who stay in traffic prone areas and vehicles used more frequently is that though they cover the same distance as any other cars in the same number of months, your engine spends more time idling in traffic, wear and tear keeps on reducing your oil and oil filter life expectanca faster rate than normal.

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This traffic idle time is the reason why people in busy cities need to adjust their maintenance schedule to improve engine health.

The surest and safest way to overcome this problem and inadvertent damage of your engine is to understand the various colours and texture of your engine oil during its life cycle from new to old and keep a log of how many hours you drive your vehicle before the engine oil degrades.

Work with the time the engine spent running, rather than the time that elapsed since the last oil change.

I hope you all learnt a valuable lesson today, love your cars folks.

Have a nice day..

2 thoughts on “The right time to service your Car?

  1. Bruce

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was an algorithm that could factor in all these variables (frequency of use, traffic, road conditions, engine gunning, etc) and suggest an ideal time to service the car?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice observation, I am currently working on a product that would help users determine when would be best to conduct service and maintenance checks on your vehicle.

      Thanks Bruce.


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